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Hello, My name is David Lyons from Listowel, Co Kerry in Ireland. I have worked with people and groups of all ages in various leisure environments. One day, I decided that I was going to make a board game just for fun. I wanted to create a game that was great fun. A game that allows for multiple players to enjoy competitive battles with easy-going challenges. 
The great component of the Marathon X games, is that everyone is involved at all times and the age of the player does not matter. It is an even playing level for all.
The Rawmation company was created due to the fantastic reaction of Marathon X. Thanks to everybody for their magnificent support and tremendous feedback. It has meant so much and it is the main reason for the success to date. As requested, new innovative board games are being designed and created to be added to the Rawmation catalogue. The games are similar to Marathon X in terms of entertainment, interaction, simplicity, inclusion and mental stimulation. Rawmation's games will once again bring the joy, smiles and laughter out in all. Thank you all again and happy gaming.
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